Saturday, August 24, 2013

PTI Stamp Camp: 3, 4, 5

This is the 3rd challenge of the PTI Stamp Affair event, which was to use paper clay. I did attempt this, but it really didn't turn out well. I am showing you my second attempt, which turned out much better than my first attempt. I used a butterfly die and covered it with glitter.

Here is my first attempt - I am posting the picture for your own amusement. Sad little butterfly....

So I am moving on with the 4th challenge, which is to make your own spray mists. This one was fun as I love using misters especially to add a bit of sparkle to a project.

And, for my final picture in this post, I am showing the 5th challenge, which was called Sprinkle of Salt. Here we did watercolor and sprinkled coarse salt over the wet paper, let it dry, and it was suppose to texturize. Mine did not work out for some reason, but I still like the technique.

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maria f. said...

Love how on your last card the splatters look like blossoms blown off the tree!