Saturday, July 21, 2012

PTI Stamp Camp

My sister and I are getting together today to participate in the 2012 PTI Stamp-A-Fair, aka Stamp Camp. I am running a little slower today, and my main computer is broken, so the quality of the pics may be (ahem) lacking. Here's my card for the morning make and take project.

The stamp set is from Clear Dollar stamps. I made a mistake on the lower sunflowers - I started coloring in the seeds with a black pen, then the fog lifted and I remembered that sunflower seeds are brown. I did not have time to re-do the card, but I will keep it as a sample.

Thanks for looking! I will be adding to this post as the day goes on, so check back here again!

The first badge of the day is Knots: ribbon technique. We copied the three tiered cake with ribbon. I outlined each square with seed beads.

My daughter is also working with my sister and I today, and she did a card using the same technique. She turned hers into an open present box with a cute dog coming out.

I had a hard time making the mini book, so I'm skipping it for now. I may come back and edit/add a project later. Instead I'm posting my "limited supplies" project using cardstock from PTI.

Here's my hand-rolled paper bead bracelet. The other round green beads were also hand-made using polymer clay (thanks for sharing, Barb!).

Here are all three bracelets on my daughter's arm: the one I made, the one my sister made, and the one my daughter made.

The next challenge was making a background using a tye-dye technique. I've done the shaving cream technique in the past, so I decided to try the copic makers and alcohol. My initial plan was to go bold, so I chose some bright bold colors. But then my sentiment didn't show up well enough, so I re-did the sentiment on a banner. It wasn't until the card was completed that I realized the sentiment I chose really didn't match up with the colors or retro design of the background. That's ok, I still learned a new technique!

Here's the one my daughter made...

This badge required us to make a set of 4 cards and package them in some way. I make card sets all the time and I like to use the clear plastic boxes for packaging. Here's the set I made...

The card base is embossed with a circle embossing plate, but the detail did not show up in the picture.

That's it for me this year for the PTI Stamp-A-Faire - I am tired! It was a great time and I hope to do it again next year.

Thanks for looking!



Nichole Heady said...

This looks wonderful, Brenda! Thanks for joining us and playing along this morning! I hope we'll see you throughout the day too!

Kristii said...

Good Morning Brenda!!! I look forward to seeing what you create today!!!

Betsy V said...

I was just over at your sister's blog too! Sounds like you are having such fun! I love it that your daughter is playing too. Tell her I think her card is adorable and so creative! My 8 year old daughter would love the cute little dog popping out of her present...he looks just like our little chihuahua!

Erin said...

I adore the use of Tin Types on black in white ink and the bright colors on top. Very eye catching.

AOK said...

Hi Brenda I enjoyed reading about your SAF day with your sister and daughter. Your projects are lovely.