Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Merry Christmas!

No card posting today, or even possibly the entire month of December. I refuse to make one more Christmas card. In fact, I've already made a Valentine's day card, which I will be posting in late January or February. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday season, take time out to do some fun stuff amongst all the crazy must-get-done chore stuff.

In case you can't tell from her expression, Maddy hates being dressed up. She despises it really, and stood still for this pic only because I bribed her with an extra-yummy piece of cooked salmon. Maddy is thankful that dressing her up in a santa suit is NOT a family tradition, but we do have them. Like driving around and looking at Christmas lights, watching Charlie Brown specials on TV, and of course, the elves, Ginger and Snowflake. They come every year on December 1st and get into all kinds of mischief during the night while the kids are sleeping.

They like to eat cookies, but they always leave crumbs on the counter....

They like to play games, with headphones of course, so they don't wake us up....

On Christmas eve they go into the stockings and santa takes them home to the North Pole until next year. I wonder what they'll get into this year?

Thanks for looking!

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