Friday, September 2, 2011


Not too long ago, I had to sit with my daughter and supervise her card making. I'd help her figure out the measurements, pick stamps and paper colors, and make sure she didn't slice off her fingers when using my guillotine cutter. I'd also freak out whenever I saw her using my "stuff" when I wasn't around. Those days, thankfully, are over. Two days ago I was outside in the yard, pulling weeds, and my daughter was in the house with her brother, making cards. "Don't look until it's done," she told me. And to my utter amazement, I wasn't even nervous. She used my guillotine cutter, my stickles, my stamps and inks, my cuttlebug, AND her little brother was in there too, helping. I smiled as I weeded and listened to their chatter coming through the open window, confident that no tools would be broken, no blood would spill, and cooperation and creativity would prevail.

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