Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sympathy in Blue

For some reason, every August my nesting instincts kick in - I start making huge vats of soup and freezing the extras in single serve portions. A couple of nights ago it was ham and lentil, and I had to get out my really really big pot. Hubby came home and asked me "where's the army?" I organize, throw away, and donate. Yesterday I made curtains, after I blew all the dust off my sewing machine, of course! I've also been seriously organizing my craft supplies and cleaning out a lot of things that haven't seen light in at least a year. I came across these unfinished cards tucked away in one of my storage bins. Half-finished cards + sympathy stamps from Verve = this...

I liked how they looked all lined up on my desk, waiting for the stickles to dry. Once they are ready I will add them to my card ministry box for my church. The strip of background cardstock was made using the Guidelines 2 set from Paper Trey Ink.

Thanks for looking!

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