Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back to Reality

I just recently got back from 2 weeks in Mexico, a dream vacation to be sure. And I took my extended family and STILL managed to have the best vacation ever! It was a time filled with firsts for all of us: first time on a waverunner, first time riding ATV's and ziplining through a forest canopy. Even my daughter got adventurous and tried scuba diving for the first time. Of course there was still plenty of time to relax by the water and soak in the tropical sun and heat.
We did go during the rainy season and still managed to have mostly sunny or slightly overcast days. The storms mainly rolled through in the evenings or early morning hours. One thing that did surprise us were all the crabs migrating to the ocean and stopping in on their way! My husband extracted a crab from the sofa cushions at least 3 times, it may have been 4 - I stopped keeping count. We found a crab in the pool nearly every day, and my daughter took it as her personal mission to rescue the drowning creatures and release them "into the wild", or at least down the hill into the grass.

Here's one that wasn't so lucky...

I'll get back to card making soon, I promise.

Thanks for looking!

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